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Use These Card Art Templates to...

1. Save You Time

These templates allow you to design professional looking cards without spending hours learning Photoshop or other image processing software.

The more time you spend learning programs is less time spent making your game.

The templates are pre-designed using industry standards for resolution, trim, bleed & border width to create double sided print and play cards. Saving you many hours of time and research finding out how to do it right.

2. Save You Money

Photoshop and other industry standard image processing software aren't cheap and many lock you into a yearly contract to use their services!

Not only will you have to pay for the software, but you will likely have to pay for classes learning the software.

And even though there are a lot of great free classes online, you would still need to invest hours (days?) of your time to learn the software.

If you are like me then you believe that time is money. This is one of the biggest reasons we have decided to provide inexpensive yet amazing looking artwork for you to use on your games.

For less than an hour of a graphic desiger's time and less than a monthly subscription of Photoshop you can instantly download SLG's trading card templates.

3. Attract More Playtesters

Even if you have a gaming group, eventually you'll run out of people you know to play your game. In blind playtests, players are more likely to choose to play (and finish) a game that is more visually appealing.  

Poorly constructed prototypes draw attention away from game mechanics and leads to suboptimal feedback.

A professional looking prototype attracts more playtesters.  

Playtesters feedback is very valuable at all stages of prototyping. And with professional looking prototype cards, players tend to give more productive feedback with less prompting because they take the game (and you) more serious.

4. Impress a Publisher

Some people just want to make and play games. 

They don't want to bother with raising money or finding a company to mass produce their game.

Maybe this is you.

Maybe YOU don't want to find a distributor or spend months of your life fulfilling Kickstarter pledges but you still want to see your game on the shelves of your local gaming store.

Well the best way to do this for you would be to find a publisher to sign a contract with.

But first you need to impress them with a professional looking prototype. Buying a pack of notecads and scribbling on them with a pen or pencil will communicate to the publisher that you don't take your game seriously. And if you don't, then why would they?

Have publishers focus on the amazing possibilities your game would offer to their catalogue instead of leaving them guessing whether you are serious or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of the art templates?

The templates are 2.5 in X 3.5 in. 

This is the standard playing card size and therefore will fit into standard playing card sleeves. 

Do I need to know how to use Photoshop to use these templates for my game?  

No. The templates are ready for use as is. Just save them to your computer and start using them in any software you would use to create card games.

2 of the most popular and efficient card making software being NanDeck (SLG's #1 pick) and Adobe InDesign (expensive but integrates with other Adobe products).

Where can I use these templates?  

1. Use these templates to get a nice prototype printed at the Game Crafter or with another print on demand company.

2. Make a digital prototype on Tabletop Simulator or Tabletopia.

3. Use them for your game on Kickstarter - You can use these templates on your game with print orders of 500 copies or less. And if you want to use the artwork on a larger print run, reach out to us at

Why only $7?

1. $7 puts these templates at a price that every level of game designer can afford. Whether you are trying to publish your first game or just wanting to make games for fun, these templates will offer you great value at this price.

2. We have also found that charging even a small amount of money for these templates cause people to take more pride in their games.

3. It's also a price that we would have GLADLY paid to not have to spend the hours of time and research figuring out how to have these templates made correctly. And instead used those hours making our game better for playtesters.

How many times can I use the templates?

You can use them in as many prototypes as you want. They were created to help save you time and frustration so you can focus on making better games.

When can I start using my templates?

Immediately. You will receive your card templates to the email address that you use at checkout. Simply save them to your computer and get started making your game look better!

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