What comes in this free artwork package?

Use the following artwork in your board games to attract playtesters at conventions and board game shops.

10 free icons from 9 talented artists from around the world. 

10 icons for board game designers to use for their games in a circle around the Streamlined Gaming logo

I sorted through over 55 artists from across the world and selected 9 of them to create icons for me to use in my board games. And now I am giving away 10 of these icons for you to use in your games!

3 Card Art Templates

Blue Red and Green card art templates for board game designers to use in their games

I actually made these by myself years ago for a prototype I was working on. They have been very helpful for me in attracting playtesters for my games.  

BONUS: 3 Card Images

3 character images. One character holding magical dice with a blue shirt on next to a boy in a yellow shirt with a red cape holding a stuffed animal. And a large green troll smashing the ground with his club. Image for Streamlined Gaming's landing page for free art

These are images I had commissioned for my first ever card game called Memaw's Monsters. Now I know they probably aren't something that you would want in your own game because they might not fit your theme. But I wanted to give them to you for placeholder or for those of you following along with my NanDeck video tutorials.

Download this free artwork from amazing artists around the world and start making your game today!

What is this Free Artwork Useful For?

This artwork is very helpful in attracting playtesters to your board game prototype.

Players are much more likely to test out a game that looks nice versus a game that is made out of notecards and a pen and paper. 

There is nothing wrong with making a rough prototype that doesn't look great. But that is more for testing with close friends and family members.

Once you feel more confident with your prototype and want to show it to strangers at a convention for example. That's when you will want to make it look better with nice artwork like this. 

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