The SLG Goal


"Our goal is to encourage 1000 people to make games for fun."

How we believe we can do this?


"By building a welcoming community for all creative thinkers. 
And by providing you with valuable content that teaches you the basics of making your own games."
Our Content is Created Through:
  • Interviews - We interview creative people that enjoy making games.  This helps you to learn from the adventures of other creative thinkers.
  • Trial and Error - Learn from our past as we develop better ways to make games.  Like from the first time I quickly made a card game and it was a disaster.
  • Research - We research game design constantly.  Both online and in real life at game conventions. We will keep you updated with the best ways to create your own game.
  • Building a global community for creative people that want to make their own game - We are all artists at heart. And we believe in game design as a creative outlet. Our primary focus is to encourage you to make a game for fun. Not to "get rich" or "become famous". Though if that is what you are into, then go for it! 


Why we do it?


"We do this because we love seeing people around the world united through games. Game making is our passion and we have loved creating games since we were kids."
Who Can Create a Game?
  • Tall People
  • Short People
  • Young People
  • Old People
  • Rich People
  • Poor People

Just in case you haven't caught on.

We believe that anyone who is creative and has a desire to make a game, CAN!

We want to make all of the game design research and resources easily accessible to you.

That way you can focus on the joy of making and playing your own game. As opposed to spending hours Googling answers and getting frustrated (like we have done over the last decade).

Who is "we"?

The beings behind SLG:
  • Calvin - He founded Streamlined Gaming in August of 2015. Two of his biggest passions in life is teaching others and making games. So he combined these two passions to make SLG.
  • Elly - She joined the SLG team in September of 2016. Her creativity and artistic vision is what makes our website and content look so cool.
  • Greg - Calvin created this amazing robot in the summer of 2016. His purpose is to teach Calvin and other game designers how to create card game prototypes with efficiency. (Coming soon to SLG)

Do you want to know more about the SLG team? See their in depth profiles to learn more.


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