Fireside Chat 03 – The Origins of Memaw’s Monsters and a History of My Love for Game Design Featuring Memaw Herself

I have made a lot of prototypes for various board and card games over the years. Lately I have gone back to the world I made based on the stories my grandma would tell. About half of the games I think up are made with the Memaws Monsters theme in mind.

It was an honor to get to talk to my Memaw about what I was like growing up. Along with all the fun things we did together growing up that related to board games.

What Memaw and I Talked About in Our Fireside Chat Together

I did an interview with Memaw and we got to talk about:

  • The stories she told me as a kid and how they have inspired me to make games based on those stories.
  • We also got to talk a bit about how I would spend time at her house making up my own rules to all of the games we played together growing up.
  • And about some of the games I made up from scratch 🙂

This was a fun interview to do as Memaw and I recalled the structure of her stories and how I’ve loved game design since I was a kid (before I even knew that “game design” was a thing).

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