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Get more playtesters with these 42 premium icons

What Are the Premium Icons?

I created these icons for me to use in my prototyping and game making in general. I wanted a "library" of professionally made icons to help make my games stand out so that playtesters were more likely to try out my games.

My brain is constantly thinking of new board game ideas with many different themes. So I wanted this premium icon library to be able to work for almost any (if not all) game that I wanted to create and have tested.

1. Most Commonly Used Icons

Here are some of the ideas that I see most game designers need to convey in their game. This premium icon pack comes with symbols to communicate common ideas in board games such as:

- "Attack" - "Health" - "Armor" - "Gold/Coin/Money" - "Destroy/Kill" - "Mana" - "Victory Points" - "Movement/Boots" 

It also includes other popular attack types such as:

- "Ranged" - "Magical/Arcane" - "Fire" - "Ice/Frost" - "Lightning" - "Poison" - "Earth/Elemental" - and "Water" 

2. Additional Icons that are needed for many board games

Along with all of the common icons listed above, this premium art pack comes with icons that communicate ideas like: - "Trash/Remove from game" - "Turn/Exhaust/Tap/Expend" - "Luck/Chance" - "Time" - "Mind/Spellbook/Wisdom" 

Or for your games that involve character equipment such as: - "Tools/Equipment" - "Gear" - "Helmet" - "Glove"

There are also Icons that are perfect for creating a Euro board game including: - "Animal" - "Food" - "Bricks" - "Stone" - "Wheat"

There are icons for almost any element you would want to communicate in your board game. Be creative and use these premium icons to make your prototype look like a pro!

(Note: When you download these premium icons, they are high resoltion .png files so they will scale well regardless of how large your game is.)

These Premium Icons Can Help You...

1. Save Time

I spent over 15 hours working with professional artists on this project. And that doesn't even count the several hours of research I spent finding what all icons would be best for it (and the ideas that are often needed to be communicated for most board games).

These icons allow you to design professional looking cards without spending hours learning Photoshop or having to work with artists for hours and hours.

Save hours searching for art and use it on important things like balancing your game instead.

So the next time you are wanting to make a professional looking prototype, simply plug in these premium icons to your game and jump straight to testing it out (<--- the fun part)!

2. Save Money

Along with the many hours I invested into this icon library, I spent hundreds of dollars on the amazing artwork the artists created. This is a lot of money for me to spend to just make my prototypes look attractive to playtesters and I wouldn't recommend you do the same. So instead of you spending over five hundred dollars on art for your prototype, just swipe your icon library from SLG for only a fraction of the cost!

3. Attract Playtesters

I remember my first prototypes that I created using pen and notecards. Even though they were mildly fun to play, they looked awful!

My family and closest friends even refused to play them. But once I added nice graphical elements (like these icons) to my prototypes, it was amazing how much more people were willing to play them.

A professional looking prototype attracts more playtesters.  

Playtesters feedback is very valuable at all stages of prototyping. And with professional looking prototype cards, players tend to give more productive feedback with less prompting because they take the game (and you) more serious.

4. Impress a Publisher

Pitching to a publisher is kind of an odd thing. I mean you want your game to look professional but at the same time publishers will likely redo all of the artwork for your game.

They do this to match the look and feel of other games in their catalog. It's very common for publishers to have all of the art made by their own artists so if you plan on pitching to a publisher it doesn't make sense to waste a lot of time and money on customized artwork.

Instead you could use these professionally made icons to make your game look very appealing when presenting to a publisher while not breaking the bank in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of the art icons?

Your icons will come in a zip file. Simply extract all of the images to where you want to save them on your computer and start using them for your prototypes!

Bonus: I saved them all as .png files so that it's easier to remember the file location when accessing them through NanDeck.

Do I need to know how to use Photoshop to use these icons for my game?  

No. The icons are ready for use as is. Just save them to your computer and start using them in any card making software you would use to create card games.

2 of the most popular and efficient card making software being NanDeck (SLG's #1 pick) and Adobe InDesign (expensive but integrates with other Adobe products).

Why only $17?  

1. $17 puts these templates at a price that every level of game designer can afford. Whether you are trying to publish your first game or just wanting to make games for fun, these icons will offer you great value at this price while saving you time.  

2. It's also a price that we would have GLADLY paid to not have to spend the hours of time and research figuring out how to have these icons made professionally. (And instead used those hours making our game better for playtesters.)

Where can I use these icons?  

1. Use these icons in your prototypes that you want professionally printed at a print on demand service such as The Game Crafter.  

2. Make a digital prototype on Tabletop Simulator or Tabletopia and test with players all over the world.  

3. Use them for your game on Kickstarter - You can use these templates on your game with print orders of 500 copies or less. And if you want to use the artwork on a larger print run, reach out to us at

How many times can I use the icons?  

You can use them in as many prototypes as you want. They were created to help save you time and frustration so you can focus on making awesome games.

When can I start using my icons?

Immediately. You will receive your card templates to the email address that you use at checkout. Simply save them to your computer and get started making your game look amazing!

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